Products sold are guaranteed to be fresh upon delivery. If there are any quality issue with the delivered product, please provide photos of the said item together with the packaging box and send it to us within 24 hours prior product delivered. A credit refund will be carried out once the product is proven to be defective. Haiyaya reserve the right to research original purchase, limit and decline a refund.

About Credit
Refunded credit can be spent during the next purchase.


所售产品保证在交货时是新鲜的。如果所交付的产品存在任何质量问题,请提供上述物品的照片以及包装盒,并在交付产品前24小时内将其发送给我们。一旦证明产品有缺陷,我们将以 Refund Credit 的形式安排退款。 Haiyaya保留拒绝退款的权利。

关于 Credit
退回的 Credit 可以在下次购买时使用。

Attached with screenshot on Credit Application:

以下是 Credit 的使用方式:

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